A belt, usually black leather, with studs in it. Usually the studs are standard 1/2 inch pyramid studs. These belts are a way of labeling yourself as a punk. However, now emo kids are wearing them to show that they're post-punk emo.
My studded belt has three rows of pyramid studs.
by punkRocka November 28, 2004
A studded belt is usually a non-leather belt that has either 1, 2, 3, or 4 rows of 1/2 pyramid studs wrapping the belt. Punks, emo kids, and scene kids think they're pretty amazing.
My white three row studded belt is so hxc!
by fagnut October 23, 2005
a black boring belt with metal blobs on it. it shows the person wearing it is an emo/punk.
Guy: oh she is wearing a studded belt!
Girl: it shows she is in the emo stage!
by sdrftgyhujiko December 3, 2016
A belt with silver pyramid studs around it. They are usually black, but come in many colors.

This belt was once punk, then emo. However, some shottas got a hold of these belts. Now, you can see these belts being worn in the ghetto and by people who probably don't even listen to rock. Some Shottas (and people who follow the shotta style) also use the chains and spikes that were once exclusive to rock. This is probably just the 'in' thing right now, and will pass.
Look at Shaniqua with her green studded belt and green/white Jordans.
by Ichy December 24, 2005
a belt with stud pyramids. originally made to used as a weapon thats street legal but now is worn by emos and punks.
by wrapping it around your hands and knuckles, you can hit people in the face without hurting yourself while still dishing the same damage if not more.
"that guy is wearing a studded belt."
by cullen woods August 9, 2006
A sub-category of the popular culture term "scene." A studded belt girl is not necessarily a girl; males may be considered studded belt girls (ie. Princes of the Studded Belt Girls). Studded Belt girls wear studded belts (obviously), bows, head bands, tight zip-up hoodies with patterns (usually colorful in appearance), skinny boot cut jeans, slip on flats (shoes), long beaded necklaces/bangles, and often sport bags displaying bands. (Common SBG bands include: Bayside, Thursday, Atreyu, Taking Back Sunday, Cute Is What We Aim For, Hellogoodbye, Boys Like Girls, Deathcab for Cutie). Much like scene kids, they often go to local shows and festivals. Many consider themselves to be "firsts." (First implies that they believe they are the first person ever to "discover" a band). They are mostly high school freshmen.

There is, however, a distinct difference between "scene kids" and studded belt girls. Scene kids often express their angst towards society, whereas SBGs try to be cute and accepting of life as it comes. ((Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.)) Another difference between "scene kids" and SBGs is the fact that "scene kids" sometimes tend to cut themselves, whereas SBGs are too bubbly to even think about damaging themselves. Their style often incorporates a mixture of merchandise from stores such as PacSun and Hot Topic. Their clothes often include patterns such as polka dots, horizontal stripes (never vertical), checkered prints, hearts, the occasional rainbow, dinosaurs and robots, skulls, stars, and cute little animals. SBGs are NEVER overweight. They have side bangs that they are constantly shifting out of their eyes. Their hair is usually short, colored (though not always) and layered. If this is not the case, their hair is definitely straightened.
Oh my God, Stacy looks like such a Studded Belt Girl today. Look at that zip-up hoodie with the rainbow hearts and those slip on shoes!
by Lynn Thomas July 3, 2007