3 definitions by punkRocka

The best player on the first person shooter "contract wars"
Guy playing contract wars: "Damn bro that guy is such a hacker"
Guy watching: "No that's nadekill, the best contract wars player don't mess with him"
by punkRocka April 05, 2015
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A shitty game server that disconnects way too often. Especially in FIFA 15.
Person 1: (playing FIFA 15) What the fuck? Why do I keep getting disconnected?
Person 2: Because the EA servers are shit.
by punkRocka February 25, 2015
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A belt, usually black leather, with studs in it. Usually the studs are standard 1/2 inch pyramid studs. These belts are a way of labeling yourself as a punk. However, now emo kids are wearing them to show that they're post-punk emo.
My studded belt has three rows of pyramid studs.
by punkRocka November 28, 2004
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