Okay, kids, struck by lightning is NOT a sex position, like the retard that posted the other definition. Struck by lightning means getting struck by a high voltage plasma bolt. BAM! Here is your definition. Now enjoy the rest of your day and make sure not to go outside during a thunderstorm!
Jason: Greg was struck by lightning yesterday.
Alfred: Wow. Wait you meant the sex position or literally?
Jason: Literally. He's in the hospital right no... wait, it's also the name of a sex position?
Alfred: Strangely yes
by IdekIForgotMyName June 17, 2021
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When a gay man sets a drink in front of you, as a proposition for sex.
Kyle was sitting at the bar alone, when Fred dropped a pink Cosmo in front if him, Kyle was struck by lightning!
by Duztin May 20, 2013
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to have an enlightenment or an epiphany
president Barack obama needs to be struck by lightning and stop dithering when it comes to US Foreign Policy.
by Sexydimma March 9, 2015
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