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when a person actually has a stroke that parallelizes them completely but through their new found debilitation they find the time to learn great deals of information and become a genius.
After Demetri had his Stroke of Genius he got all As in high school.......

Tom: Awww I feel so bad for Demitri, he had a stroke!

Ethan: Nawww dude it was a Stroke of Genius, now he knows nuclear psychics. lucky bastard.

Tom: Wow that is pretty cool! I wish I could have a stroke!

Ethan: You mean a Stroke of Genius? Nobody actually wants to have a stroke, those are terrible.

Ethan: Yeah I know. I was making a joke.

Tom: Dude don't joke about strokes. Theres nothing funny about them....asshole.
by little building December 10, 2007
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When one gains epiphany while masturbating.
"(Fap, fap,fap) wait, wow. I never thought of that. I just had an epiphany while strokin' it"

Dude 1-
"Bro, I was jerkin it yesterday and suddenly figured out the meaning of life."
Dude 2-
"Sounds like you had a Stroke of Genius"
by Pathetic Limbo September 04, 2015
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