The poor man's mall. Usually has a Dress Barn, locally-run store, crappy educational products store, Blimpie, and if you're lucky, a big name anchor like Kmart or ShopRite. Coin-operated kiddie rides litter the entrances of the stores, normally being ridden by drunken teenagers. Expect no shopping-crazed bitch to go here, instead sticking to the big indoor mall. Also expect sex in the parking lot during after hours.
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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A mall that has strippers.
Peter went to the strip mall because he wanted to watch strippers while he shopped.
by Boxcar69 February 9, 2013
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a mall that's outdoors ._.
ILAIKNIKKAS@teh strip mall
by darriane September 6, 2008
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