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It's September 2002, and it's the last week of summer. You're in 8th grade and you're positive you're gonna fail your last middle school year epically.
Luckily, Toonami is on after school. But right now, they're doing an event they call "Trapped in Hyperspace". Basically, a virus infects the Absolution and now the thing's gonna kamikaze into planet Earth. You've gotta go online and help TOM jack into the system a la MegaMan Battle Network. And to make matters worse, SARA is offline, and in her place is the virus itself.
But holy shit, the virus. His name is Swayzak, and he's a red devil looking hologram with a deep voice (or if you're playing the game, a New Zealand accent). And he's got some figure! I mean, a slim body with a thin waist and legs that're almost sticks? Fuck! Who wouldn't wanna ride with him?
By Friday, he's gone. Damn it. Fast forward to April 2004, Toonami's now on Saturday nights, and you've gone onto freshman year. SARA's reviewing a game called Rez. She brings up the plot, which is about a computer virus, and asks if it sounds familiar. All of a sudden, Swayzak appears! Holy hell! Still sexy as ever! But he disappears as quickly as he arrived.

Now it's 2017 and you're in your mid to late twenties. One night, you remember Swayzak and ask yourself... why's he still sexy?
Swayzak... just who the hell was that guy?!
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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The poor man's mall. Usually has a Dress Barn, locally-run store, crappy educational products store, Blimpie, and if you're lucky, a big name anchor like Kmart or ShopRite. Coin-operated kiddie rides litter the entrances of the stores, normally being ridden by drunken teenagers. Expect no shopping-crazed bitch to go here, instead sticking to the big indoor mall. Also expect sex in the parking lot during after hours.
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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Officially known as the Palisades Center, the Palisades Mall is the greatest thing that ever existed in the eyes of New Jersey residents. Located in West Nyack, New York, and opened in 1998, the mall consists of four floors and an underground parking garage. They've got Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Target. The food court offers Popeyes Chicken (which is basically drugs for Generation Z) and ChinaMax and Burger King and Wendy's (DON'T ORDER FROM THEM) and holy shit a Chick-fil-A (another Generation Z class drug) is coming. There's also a Dave & Buster's where you can legally gamble, drink, cheat, and steal tickets in order to win an overpriced Wii U.
Formerly home to Jeepers!, a Suck E Cheese's that had some amusement park rides, arcade games like DDR, and prizes including a Hamtaro plush. Yes, they had them.
The mall originally looked like a warehouse but then they tried to rival Garden State Plaza so RIP.
Fuck yeah Palisades Mall! Let's eat Popeyes and then go to Dave & Busters!
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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The shopping capital of Bergen County. Notable for having a Toys R Us, a Best Buy, and two McDonalds'. Has plenty of big buildings and signs for batophobics to get a panic attack over. Also worshipped for the legendary Paramus Park, the best mall in Bergen County, which has a Chick-fil-A and Auntie Anne's and gets commonly crowded during the holiday season.
Home to Paramus Catholic.
Paramus is famous for having the best mall in Bergen. All hail Paramus Park!
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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Common in 50% of American teenagers. Side effects include listening to Evanescence, posting cringy pictures of faked suicide attempts on Twitter, and whining that you have no social life even though you can easily have one by going outside and not being such a shut-in.
by Mamitomoe March 25, 2017
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