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An abbreviated form of the word "Australian" that in legend is heard in the Australian accent of English, in much the same way as "Arcadian" has evolved into "Cajun".
Because of that shortening of the word and the way the Oz accent seems to run one word into the next, it's been used as a name for the collection of words that have been similarly shortened by Australian English speakers, expecially ockers, as well as the wide range of particularly Australian slang words.

In the mid '60s an Australian writer Alistair Morison wrote a book under the pseudonym Afferbeck Lauder (alphabetical order) called "Let Stork Strine" (Let's talk Australian) which became popular for a while and spawned a series of books and other Strine publishings (Nose Tone Unturned aka No Stone Unturned, and so on.)
Here are several Strine examples translated into English:

"Eye level arch feed, a frosty, anna feecher, with air chew" is Strine for "I'll have a large meal, a cold beer, followed by a feature (i.e. sex), so I don't want you around."

Maz dryza dead dingo's donga (I am as dry as a dead dingo's donger, i.e. I'm rather thirsty)

Flamin Pom bastard zazmadza cutsnake, he yodelled on the wall to wallen ran out way past the black stump (The crazy English guy is as mad as a cut snake, he just threw up on the carpet and ran off into the outback)

Moffta point percy atta porseline (I'm off to point percy at the porcelain, i.e. take a piss)
by fronkzippo January 23, 2010
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Australian spoken english using slang terms with no spaces in between words. Someone who can actually speak fluent strine is very rare, generally only found in surf clubs or bowls clubs


by Green Pat January 08, 2005
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Australianisms, similar to Cockney Rhyming Slang, but spoken with the accent of the Australian drawl. Strine is almost never written except to illustrate the terms. Examples were compiled into a book called "Strine" by "Afferbeck Lauder" (alphabetical order).
Emma Chiset (how much is it?)
egg nishner (air conditioner)
howzat!?!? (how's that!?!? - screamed by cricketers when they get a batter out)

Bloody foreigners - don't they speak strine?
by mobile May 03, 2006
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A word coined by Americans to describe the Australian accent. This word is not used by Australians, and American tourists who use it in Australia soon learn not to. See also cobber.
Yank tourist: "I gotta brush up on my Strine!"
Me: "Strine? Hmmm, a sucker... Hey mate, you wanna buy a galah for 50 grand?"
Yank tourist: "Yeah, sure will buddy!"
(I walk away 50 grand richer while Yank tourist gets 10 years for exporting wildlife that farmers shoot as a pest!)
by Mystikan June 27, 2004
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Australian English, or English as spoken in Oz.
In Strine, a girl is a Sheila. They like 'em drunk and passed out.
by Cornholio October 19, 2003
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