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When you find out someone you have been going out with is loaded. This is different from a gold digger.
After going out with John for 3 months, Nancy found out he was inheriting $2 million dollars. Nancy was lucky enough to strike oil.
by hifan123 August 31, 2009
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An act of revenge usually. While pulling out from fucking a woman in her ass, she continues to to shit on you and your dick.
" Last night, I made that mother fucker strike oil"
by Charger Brent May 15, 2006
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You're fucking a guy or girl up the ass, giving it to him/her with great gusto, and suddenly things start to smell pretty rank due to the uncontrolled release of feces, aka shit, or in the worst case scenario, diarrhea. This happens more to guys with dicks 8" or longer since they open the rectum's upper sphincter,
Dude, I was fucking this hot little college frat boy senseless, but then I struck oil and had to go wash my pubes out. Good thing I put an old towel on the bed!
by Ass bandit February 05, 2005
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