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A form of tea that is drunk by Beatrice Middleton when she is stressed or tired. It's made of lavender and chamomile flowers, steeped in a pot of hot water. Used to treat stressful situations due to her recent coaching.
Beatrice: Hey you all. Do you want some stress tea? I just made a whole big pot full.

Opal: Sure, I've been really stressed. Ed's been nagging me all day long. Oh, the nerve of that man!

Liv: (crying and screaming) Oh, that Benjamin!! He's gonna get it when I get with done, oh my God!!

Beatrice: Liv, what in the world did he do?

Liv: He's hogging that Benmobile again! He's always on that thing.

Bryant: (with red fire coming out of his eyes, yelling) Shut up! This is just too much. Just drink the stress tea and be done with it!

Beatrice: (laughing at Bryant) Good one! Spoken like a true coach. (hands Bryant a stress tea) Here's to non-stressed grandmas everywhere!

Bryant: Skal! (Norwegian saying for 'cheers')

Liv: Thanks, maybe I should give this to Ben. He'll love it, too.
by Dusty's Baby Powder February 02, 2011
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