street punk is a form of music for those who are working class or poor. those who dont fit in that catagory cannot relate to a street punks lyrics because they are not part of that lifestyle. street punks are usually alcoholics who drown lifes injustices with beer almost every day. drug use is most common aswell. the appearance of a street punk is deceiving, you may think that they look mean or stupid but in reality they are some of the nicest people who want the same things to happen in the world as any other decent human wants such as fair justice, unity and peace without war. they usually wear tight pants, leather jackets and boots. people think that punks are ignorent but its the opposite, when a punk walks by and hears a group of people call him a fag or freak this is ignorant not what the punk does in response to this. most punks dislike other punks they dont know (its ignorant and unexplainable)*PEOPLE WHO GO TO SCHOOL AND LIVE WITH THERE PARENTS DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT STREET PUNK*its also common for street punk groups to sell out their roots at some point in their career contradicting what they once sang about.
the casualties (at one point)
the unseen (at one point)
(street punk)
by len stuart December 27, 2005
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A person who likes some form of punk and spends alot of time on the street.By nightfall, the punk will either have or have pandhandled enough money to go into a rock show or a club.
Punks who live the lifestyle The Casualties do.
by TessekTheQuarren December 09, 2003
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the new wave of punk rock music.

usually have perfect mohawks, perfect patches, money, and shit like that...

real street punks live on the street.

most of them look the same, actually all of them do...

hardcore punk is the real punk that people should look into.

fuck oi, fuck street punk. HXC PUNK IS REAL!
the casualties, agressive bastards, revolt and destroy... oh im sorry i mean... revolt and destr"OI", typical street punk
by don't worry about my name August 09, 2008
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A punk rock subculture for the lower and working classes. The music is very political, and the people are very accepting, most people see us as bad people, thugs, but some of the nicest people I know are street punk. Most of us are educated, nice people. We typically are very outspoken and political and want equality for all, and anarchy. We typically wear D.I.Y clothes, with spikes, studs, political/band patches, safety pins, tartan, vegan leather, we usually have spiked and dyed hair, stick n' pokes, and lots of piercings.
That's Stitch, she's a street punk!

My band plays mostly street punk music.
Hey! The venue's got street punk bands playing tonight!
by punxnotdead256 November 27, 2016
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