2 definitions by punxnotdead256

An emotion for posers, it typically hurts a lot, causes you anxiety, agony and ultimately heartbreak.
by punxnotdead256 November 27, 2016
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A punk rock subculture for the lower and working classes. The music is very political, and the people are very accepting, most people see us as bad people, thugs, but some of the nicest people I know are street punk. Most of us are educated, nice people. We typically are very outspoken and political and want equality for all, and anarchy. We typically wear D.I.Y clothes, with spikes, studs, political/band patches, safety pins, tartan, vegan leather, we usually have spiked and dyed hair, stick n' pokes, and lots of piercings.
That's Stitch, she's a street punk!

My band plays mostly street punk music.
Hey! The venue's got street punk bands playing tonight!
by punxnotdead256 November 27, 2016
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