1980s rockabilly (inspired also by punk) trio, consisting of Brian Setzer (guitar and lead vocals), Lee Rocker (upright bass) and Slim Jim Phantom (stand-up drummer). The three moved from America to further their careers after hearing that the rockabilly scene was thriving in England. Their logo is a crazed looking cat, which has become a popular tattoo for Stray Cats fans.

Person 1: "Oi you going to the Stray Cats farewell concert in Brisbane?"

Person 2: "No. It's beeping 18+"
by AnnieR January 27, 2009
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A kick-ass country/light rock band from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Best single: Stray Cat Strut
"Dude, did you see that old stray cats music video?"
by Triple M (wolfe) December 28, 2009
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Two people who engage in sexual acts in the woods, similar to the way that cats would mate in the wild. Often times, Stray Cats are underage and/or have a curfew.
Person 1: "Goodness! Where are Sammi and Joe? They said they were going for a walk."

Person 2: "Oh, they're just being Stray Cats because they're not allowed together in a room with the door closed."

Person 1: "Wasn't Sammi and Adam being Stray Cats yesterday?"

Peron 2: "Yeah, and I heard that Sammi has a rash from laying in Poison Ivy from two weeks ago!"
by haterzbhatyn March 19, 2011
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When someone has no real friends and they tend too burn bridges. So when another person gives them a bit of attention they never leave.
"look at james"
"i know he's such a stray cat"
by Sandrinho May 27, 2015
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You could the stray cat in the alleyway below, mournful lonesome notes spilling out of the bell of his horn and out into the dimly lit city street.
by Adelantero March 9, 2008
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Another phrase for "hoe". An animal ghetto female that is positive for any sexually transmitted diseases that passes along STD's to innocent people in the hood. Commonly used in Detroit,MI.
Zues: Man I heard you finna smash dat brawd?!

Darius: Nahh , man thats a "Stray Cat"
by @AstroJETFly (Stamped by...DC) December 12, 2010
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You get wet slobbery head but pour foaming soap all over your dick then you blow your load in her eyes to she screams and goes mad. Punch her in the face so shes knocked out and then you penetrate her pussy and get it all foamy. So now she looks like a stray cat with rabies and was hit by a car.

Trash-bagging is also a valid option at the end.
Guy one: "Dude me and this hooker went so hardcore lastnight but i didnt have any money so i gave her The Stray Cat"
Guy two: "Yo man that's sick, I hope you tossed her in the Chesapeake though, right?"
Guy one: "You know it man!"
by houssizzle January 21, 2010
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