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A delicious strain of marijuana. 25% indica 75% sativa. Very heady high with little or no paranoia. Buds smell like fresh fruit.
Freddy: For James' first time i smoked him out a fat J of strawberry cough before school.

Ted: How did it go

Freddy: They had to move him to special ed.
by CrackHe@d May 01, 2007
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Fuck all the other definitions this is the real one.

Sativa 80 / Indica 20

Origins - N/A

Flowering - 56-63 days

Harvest - Early October

Strawberry Cough is a sweet-flavored indoor variety with just enough indica influence to shorten the typically slow growing time of the semitropical sativa into a 2 month flowering cycle. The creamy berry taste combines with its expansive smoke to deliver a variety worty of its name.

Strawberry Cough gardens efficiently whether using hydroponics or soil setups. It is too branchy for sea of green, but Dutch Passion recommends planting 15-20 plants per square meter (1-2 plants per square foot). Strawberry Cough likes a boost of nutrients at the beginning of vegetative growth. Although no data was available for outdoor gardens, Strawberry Cough performs terrifically in greenhouses. Strawberry Cough is a plant of happy mediums, growing to a height of around 3 feet indoors or in a greenhouse garden and exhibiting leaves that balance between indica and sativa influences. This multi-branched plant will start delivering ripe colas about 40 days into flowering, and continue with a second wave that finishes at about 65 days. Greenhouse flowering times are typically a week shorter than indoor gardens.

The buds are tight and shaped like narrow pinecones, and may get quite long. This variety's branches are sturdy and support even the weightiest of colas. Strawberry Cough tickles the lungs with her creamy-sweet smoke, whose flavor resembles strawberry, perhaps with a kiwi fruit complement. The buz is heady and active, a classic let's-go-hiking sativa lift that can alleviate depression.
Hey boy have you had the Strawberry Cough dis shit is potent.
by Nickolaz19 July 13, 2009
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it is a reddish blueish whiteish greenish kind of pot plant thats has a strawberry aftertast,and it give you the coughs high paid bud high time kind of bud
it that strawberry cough in the bowl i pick up some strawberry cough form the hippie down the street it cost a pretty penny but it for you bro
by grassmanfarmer October 26, 2008
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