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Pronounced STRAW- SIR: The last name of a person who is incredibly good-looking, out going, hard working, gunslinging, musically gifted, adventurous, and all around fun.
If you happen to meet a Strasser it is your lucky day because there aren't many True Blue Strassers in the states.

Strassers have a reputation that precedes them anywhere, whether to the dentist or to college, and that reputation is a good thing. If you are a Strasser you know that it is a matter of pride to uphold the family name in every way shape or form. Strassers have two theme songs; "I'm a Strasser, yes i am" and "We're great but no one knows it"
I'm a strasser, yes i am. So if you want to study a strasser i'm a living specimen. Maybe you think i'm just like anybody else you meet, but take it from me, your sure to agree, we're different as can be. I'm a strasser, through and through, so if you want to study a strasser by the things i say and do remember i've learned to camp since i was two, there's nothing we can't whether! Strasser good looks come shining through, we're always found together! Maybe you'd like me to introduce one of my fabulous cousins to you, so you can be a strasser too!!
by gelli face August 21, 2010
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