A word meaning strapless bathing suit, underware or dress preferably worm on a women. Also has proved to be the Hottest sounding word ever and it just rolls off the tounge.
by Hortinstein June 4, 2003
A horrible invention that possesses the power to turn any set of perfect perky boobs into saggy grandma boobs.
Darrell: "I can"t wait for you to see this girl Rhonda.. I mean her BOOBS are on fleek."
*Rhonda walks in wearing a strapless bra*
Darrell: "never mind."
by yourman82 September 30, 2015
Playing and using a Wii Mote without a strap, usually resulting in broken TV setups and resulting in intense feelings of stupidity and shame.
Grandpa was bowling strapless, and broke the TV again.

Grandma was playing strapless and practicing the backhand, when she let go of the wii mote and knocked over grandpas ashes.
by Seefoodlover March 22, 2009
a term when offering to send naked pictures of ones self
"Hey babe- string or strapless ;)" Meaning she/he wants to exchange nudes
by docklon June 4, 2015