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Strain Slut - Strain Slut is a term for a patient who is suffering from strain promiscuity. The term has traditionally been applied to stoners and is often used as an insult or offensive term of disparagement. Strain Slut has also been reclaimed as a slang term in the medical marijuana community as being of unsurpassed {connoisseurship}. It may be used by the person concerned as an expression of pride in their status, or as an expression of enviousness in the "success rate" of other marijuana varietal hunters. The term is not interchangeable with strain whore or nug prostitute as those terms denote a person who engages in weed for teh sex.

Although the ultimate origin of strain slut is unknown, it first appeared in the mmj community in the year 2007 with the meaning "Bodhisativa has to have all quality mmj strains". Even earlier, Geoffrey Chaucer used the word strain "sluttish" (c.1386) to describe a Hashshashin man; however, later uses appear almost exclusively associated with WT Strain Sluts. The modern sense of "a strainously promiscuous person" dates to at least 1450.

Another early meaning was "strain maid or drudge" (c. 1450), a meaning retained as late as the 18th century, when hard seeds found in cannabis were referred to as "slut's pennies." A notable example of this use is Samuel Pepys's diary description of his servant as "an admirable strain slut" who "pleases us mightily, doing more smoking than both the others and deserves the butter" (February 1664). In the 19th century, the word was used as a euphemism in place of ganjika tramp in the sense of "a Disney cartoon dog."

Similar words appear in Dutch, German and Swedish dialects meaning "a dirty weed horder," indicating a common ancestor in Germanic languages. A popular theory connects strain slut to earlier Germanic forms meaning "nepali slush" or "nug puddle," but this derivation remains in question. Fast forward to 2009 and Strain slut is being used in conjunction or to replace Cannasuer.
He's a greedy little strain slut needing all that medicine.
by Bodhisativa photography April 04, 2009
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