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Storyshift is an AU of Undertale created by Reddit user Voltra. It's one of the earliest swap AUs. It has a comic too, but it has been discontinued in favor of a possible reboot.
In Storyshift, the roleswaps are
Papyrus > Toriel
Alphys > Napstablook
Chara > Sans
Asriel > Papyrus
Toriel > Undyne
Asgore > Alphys
Undyne > Mettaton
Sans > Asgore
Napstablook > Asriel
Mettaton (or in this case, his ghost form Mettacrit) > Chara
by Simplerips June 06, 2017
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an undertale au where all the character roles are swapped randomly.
it's actually quite difficult to remember who's who when you don't care.
a dandy whale: "In Storyshift Blooky is Asriel and Mettaton is Chara. A perfect fit, imo. They're both characters that were family and went their separate ways."
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by BakaMoiyashi August 29, 2016
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