I know he isn't that scary, but Gaster's been haunting my nightmares since 2015.
by HotHotLegg April 11, 2020
When a dragon is killed it becomes a gaster.
by Desipida February 14, 2020
a skeleton guy from glitchtale who is really volatile and angry most of the time.
what do you think of Gaster?
"Yeah, He really needs to chill."
by emperorbelos April 7, 2022
beware of this guy. Any phrase could be used to create a meme, it won't leave you alone, it won't stop at nothing. No, it can't be stopped, just one breath from you could trigger it
Gaster :"Sono dietro di te"
by Gaster_ May 22, 2022
A Skeleton Who Is On Discord Alot
Guy1 : That Guy Is A Gaster
Guy2 : Whats That
Guy1 : Someone Who Is On Discord Alot
Guy2 : Then He Is A Big Gaster
by Gaster. March 27, 2018
It's a secret!
But no seriously, Gaster is a secret character from the game UNDERTALE. Said to be Sans and Papyrus' dad. Well, it's not confirmed, but he may be. He speaks in WingDings too.
by SkyBerry April 19, 2016
A hot tall skeleton dad whom has fell in the core, he's so fucking tall that he has bend through doorways. He's the the most mysterious person you've ever met, and he doesn't fucking play around. 🙄
Person 1: wow you're tall, almost GASTER like.
Person 2: I know
by Woozieroo May 12, 2016