Fans of the UK synth-rock band Bastille, the name comes from the historical event "the storming of the Bastille".
Guy 1: Wow, did you see the show Bastille played in Boston the other night?
Guy 2: Yeah, the place was LOADED with Stormers!
by Carrot June 22, 2014
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A bunch of wannabe models / wannabe rugby players who are more worried about their looks than playing the game.
"Hey, you guys don't need to put on so many creams and lotions. We are just going to play some rugby."
"We'll be right there. Just need to style our hair quick."
"Oh my word. You are such a bunch of Stormers."
by Blou Jakkals March 11, 2009
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Fan of British alternative/indie rock band, Bastille.

Word comes from the storming of the Bastille, which took place on July 14, 1789, the same date as singer Dan Smith's birthday. Ergo, fans call themselves "Stormers" (of the bastille).

Self proclaimed "Stormers" are often those who have delved much farther into the realm of Bastille than the typical fan of their music. Many run blogs dedicated to the music and band members. While not nearly as aggressive as directioners, some stormers are considered fake, as their love for Bastille lies in the singer's attractiveness rather than the band's musical genius.

Overall, a respectful and mature fandom (though many are teenagers), known for their love of music over band members.
Sydney: Do you want to go to the Bastille concert on the 24th?
Grace: I'd love to! Are you a fan of their music?
Sydney: Of course! I'm such a stormer, I practically worship their music (and them).
by soccerhurdler11 December 17, 2014
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Someone willing to do whatever it takes to get things done or an example of excellence.
The app is getting mad ratings, it's a real stormer
by Abask December 5, 2014
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n. A pour soul who has made it his or her mission to hoard all the unscientific beliefs and rancor from the Old Republic that lost The Great Wars. The chemical imbalance bared by such individuals causes them to be in constant need of defecation.

v. The routine action of having to excrement all the impurities in the human body. This type of excretion from the anus is unique in that it has a higher than usual ratio of liquid-to-solid fecal matter. This action can lead to a person being misdiagnosed with Diarrhea. Unlike Diarrhea, a daily stormer almost always can be rooted to overzealous emotions in the brain and is usually cured when finding peace with different beings.
Cenk TheHomeopathologist: Andrew, your Daily Stormers are making the toilet stalls uninhabitable. I thought I had already advised you to quit consuming unhealthy substances ESPECIALLY those found on the desolate corners of the Internet.

Andrew Angrylin: Fuck You and your pseudo-science shit! Your kind does not know whats good for me. You aren't even a real doctor.

Cenk TheHomeopathologist: I don't need to be a doctor to know that if you constantly intake shit, you will constantly make shit. Law of Conservation of Mass
by July 17, 2016
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An Ultimate Chad. One you do not fuck with. Is also the Rapist of the year.
Hey did you hear about Preston Stormer? I was his 12th rape victim.
by Dumpy(Official) December 21, 2020
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A large German sedan or coupe with a large engine and a high top speed.
The 1989 Mercedes 560SEL is a classic Autobahn Stormer. With a 5.6 liter V8 and 285HP, it reaches a top speed of 152MPH, but the large chassis makes it feel like it's barely doing 70.
by Hey_look_a_shiny_thing November 18, 2010
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