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The equivalent of a Hoe for men
bruh he sleeps with everyone... he’s such a stoot.
by Hey Aisha I February 23, 2018
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Oli T
"stoots its like a lightning blot to the back of your brain"

.Stoooootssss !!!
by nathaniel a May 04, 2011
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somone who is stuck in a cycle of attempting to be fassionable and ending up slowly becomeing more and more of a worthless tool person
I used to like that girl but shes a stoot now

I know what you mean, look at all the stoots

conformist stoot pigs, why cant we just walk around naked?
by Marcus 18 May 09, 2006
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Describes any term incorrectly dismissed as a non-word by an arrogant know-it-all because he hasn't heard of it.
Quizmaster: "What's the only anagram you can make of PERMEATIONS?"
Know-all "Is that a real word? I've never heard of it!"
Fellow"That's a stoot"

"Professor Jonathon Bloggsworth can't be important because I've never heard of him"
"That's such a stoot"

"There's loads of free e-books on Audible"
"Don't you mean the Gutenberg project? I've never heard of Audible"
"That's a real stoot"
by BluesLondon July 02, 2019
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Slang for the word stout. When someone is super swoll.
That dude Seth is stoot. He must not be Fisher.
by SDE84 April 01, 2011
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A combination of "stop" and "shook."
N: wow i'm not lion that's pretty tough
A: STOOT,, that was a terrible pun
by Reykaria September 04, 2017
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