a person who lights a spliff, sits back, and reads all the defintions for a stoner on this website and see how much of it actually applies to them. and then laughs at how true some of them are. now wheres the lighter.
gosh im such a stoner
by Tea-Bag February 11, 2007
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A stoner is a peaceful, relaxed, nice guy/gal who likes to smoke the funky 'erb! Stoners are usually seen in small groups of 3 or 4 and sometimes in pairs. They generally have slightly bloodshot eyes (or red eye) when baked, and always wear a little smile. A stoner is not to be confused with a pothead. Potheads are a lot more dependant on weed and aren't as chilled as stoners.

Stoners enjoy socialising and laughter and being with their friends. They typically wear an open shirt and a t-shirt. They often own a pair of canvas shoes, well worn in by the numerous stoner adventures the wearer has been on! Stoners generally walk slowly and are very rarely pissed off, tending to be peaceful and relaxed. They are nearly always broke and when the next paycheck comes their way, it all gets spent immediately on the herb. Stoners generally don't mind this as their money has been spent on weed and they recognise that the best things in life are free, except mary jane which is worth all their money! They are also known for frequently using words like "dude" and "bro" and are often in need of snacks like doritos and a drink of something.

Stoners will always have their closest friends but when they meet fellow stoners, even if they have never met before, it's like meeting family. Stoners have a beautiful union and truly see eachother as one global family. They all tend to have a mutual distrust and dislike of their opressors such as government and the police (or the "pigs").
*Ring Ring...Ring Ring*
Jon: "H-hello"
Cal: "Hey dude, it's Cal"
Jon: "Oh hey dude! How-how's it-how's it goin'?"
Cal: "Not bad man, what you up to stoner?"
Jon: "Come round dude, me, Steve and Jay are just smokin some bud"
Cal: "Sure man! I got an eigth and need to smoke it with someone."
Jon: "Sweet dude! (To Steve and Jay) Guys, Cal's got and eigth, he's comin round!
Steve: Is he that stoner guy you know who we had an L with the other night?
Jon: Yeah man!
Jay: Fuck yeah! He was awesome!
Jon: Come round dude
Cal: See you in 5?
Jon: Yeah, much love dude!
Cal: I'll bring my four footer
by SmokeItUp September 23, 2010
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1. Someone who reads the definition of stoner when they are high.
2. Someone who write a definition for the word stoner when they are high.
I am such a stoner, I'm writing the definition of stoner.
by 420 24 7 August 25, 2008
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Someone who smokes weed as often as possible; one who believes weed to make the world a better place to live in. Usually a fan of Bob Marley and/or Sublime. If in school, would usually be an Art or Music major. Some of the chillest people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting.
This loveable girl Britt is a true stoner.
by Brittskeez January 2, 2006
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Having the title of a stoner can only truly be recieved by someone who has made blazing a part of their life. A stoner has one true love which is herb and will blaze all day everyday with his crew or whoever else wants to join. Someone who is carefree and just goes with it. Most true stoners have an outlook on life which is enlightened and can see how others are obessed worthless things like money,clothes,cars,etc.
Kid-"Should we go to the football game this weekend or go to the mall?"

by Jon44442220000 October 25, 2008
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Someone who thinks absolutely any problem, no matter how severe can be solved with THC.
Stoner John: I have multiple skull fractures, I need to see a doctor.
Mr Mush: Relax and hit this bong, you'll be fine. The best cure for a concussion is a little mushin'.
by Mr Mush July 11, 2008
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A very happy person who looks at life in a beautiful way
by Yummybunny546 May 8, 2019
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