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A young man who always has a stogie in his mouth in order for him to remember his grandfather whom died of lung cancer.
After Stogie Joe came in and killed everyone's buzz, he continued to take the young girl back to his room and receive a blumpkin.
by Homestar Runner June 19, 2004
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Random person who occasionally pops into parties unexpected bringing forth a fresh smoking cigar while being the carrier of bad news.
"Yeah, we were having a great time drinking some beers until stogie joe came in and made us feel bad for living."
by Strrroongbad June 19, 2004
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(sto gee jo), n., a suave young man who carries himself in a manner similar to that of a pimp, always equipped with a cigar in mouth
The group enjoyed the party thoroughly, but the real fun didn't start until Stogie Joe arrived, filling the room with a pungent sweetness of the cheap cigar.
by Paul June 20, 2004
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