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The bottom portion of a used tampon, near the string (usually around .5 centimeters) that is not red with the absorbed blood. When first designed, tampons were approximately one centimeter shorter than the average tampon today. Women often complained that when they removed the used tampon, they got blood on their hands. Ronald Stimp, co-founder of a Minnesota-based feminine hygene product company was the first to pioneer the tampon of todays length. He felt the extra expense that his company would have to pay in order to produce a longer tampon would be worth it financially, because increased customer satisfaction would result in skyrocketing sales. He was correct and later sold the patent for his design to Tampax® for 2.3 million dollars. By 1965, when the Stimp-style tampon had gained wide appeal, the first mentions of "stimp cotton" were documenter. The term has also been used as a derogitory comment to describe a person who wears his or her pants too long.
Greta was grateful that the stimp cotton kept her prom gloves white that night.

Those hippies are all a bunch of stimp cottons.
by Reginald Stimp III March 26, 2005
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