Different from stilldrunk. Still-Drunk replaces a hangover. For those who have thought ahead and drank a bottle of Gatorade and Advil before going to bed, they shouldn't wake up with a headache, but may end up with Still-Drunk.

Also applies to those with Iron Stomachs who simply don't get hangovers.

Still-Drunk can last anywhere from 2-5 hours after waking up.
Dude, I don't get hungover, I just get Still-Drunk.
by hellyes0 April 28, 2008
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waking up after a night of drinking alcohol, still drunk.
kind of like how i am now, writing this still drunk
by jafknlene August 14, 2011
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waking up sunday and still having significant levels of alcohol in your body from shit-faced saturday
Hey man wanna go out for a late lunch?
Yea, you drive, I'm celebrating still-drunk sunday.
by tpro December 2, 2009
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A point in drunkenness where you feel as if you are in completely still water
Jalen looks like he's in a trance dude.
No man he's just still-water drunk
by Kwp58 May 21, 2014
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