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Let me begin explaining with a little song...

Ohhh.... If you have a vagina, penis, mangina, or anything in between (even if your asian). You know what a mess them genitals can make.
The sticky wicky is perfict for cleaning up all hair, dust, lint, even jizz! Small or BIG messes!!
It is Reusable for use again, and again, and again, and AGAIN!
It has patented rotating grip action... for tough handeling!!

... So remeber before you jizz.. YOU NEED A ROLLER, A STICKY ROLLER!!!
Penis Vagina Jizz Asian Mangina Genitals Sticky Wicky
by Danzx3r101 November 03, 2010
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The art of farting into a closeable candle and telling someone to smell the delightful scent of the candle.
Steve: Hey Shelly, come and smell this cinnamon candle!
Shelly: *sniffs* Fuck you Steve! That's the fourth Sticky Wicky this week!
by Christophorus Walkeen August 29, 2017
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