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Little drawings of people that are made up of little lines, if the artist wasn't bothered drawing properly.

Stick people
by LinaHiga November 19, 2010
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Stick People are really thin and usually short in stature. They almost always suffer from little man's syndrome. Stick People can either be male or female. Sometimes named Angela or Brandon. Most normal people don't get along with Stick People. Typically Stick People are over-bearing, loud, drunk or high on Extacy, and like to show up where they were clearly not invited and / or wanted, often over staying their worn out welcome. Stick people like to pop pills & call you at 2am needing a place to stay, more weed, alcohol, advice, money, etc.
"One of the Stick People crashed my BBQ yesterday, proceeded to get hammered, pop pills, smoked all my weed, made a HUGE scene & finally left at 8pm."
by Chuckie Beav February 24, 2010
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anything you want them to be. they can spit fire. they can play any instrument. they can work any weapon. they can kill anyone. they can be killed by anyone. they like bananas. theyre on drugs. theyre fucking ninjas. they are pizza delivery people. they will find you. they will throw you out a window. they will bring you back inside. they will hit your legs with a bat. they will dunk your head in the toilet. they will break a vase and a beer bottle on your face(vase first, then beer bottle).they will shoot you in the left arm. they will rape you. they will build the tallest building in the world and take you to the roof. they will fuck a super hot girl in front of your face. then they will throw you off the building.
Person 1:Hey did you hear?, Joebob got Stick Peopled.
Person 2:Yea, it was all over the news.
by Eagamer7 August 29, 2010
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