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A stabbing device made from splintered wooden chop sticks.
Let's get Chinese, if it sucks I'll just made a stibbo and stab the fuck out of the next delivery boy.
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by Magical Magistrate June 23, 2019
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A fat woman who wheres the SKIMPIEST of clothes and when she sees herself she thinks she is Kelly Kelly. In her eyes she is Gods gift to Men
Keeg: Did u see that fatty wearing the mini skirt?
Clarkson: Yeah ino! She just thought she was amazing
Keeg: Yeah she was pulling a Stibbo
Clarkson: Thats sick. She wants everyones attention on her roles.
Keeg: Yeah that Stibbo really makes me laugh
Clarkson: Yeah, Fat KUNT! haha
by Dirty Fucking Keeg Kunt January 23, 2010
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