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The worlds sexiest Russian spy ever! Like serious Stepan is the nicest, kindest, most amazing person in the world. Stepan is the best guy to have around because he makes everyone laugh all the time.
girl1: who's that with the hair?
girl2: that's stepan he's awesome!
girl1: and sexy i wonder if he'll talk to me...
by aweyeahson May 25, 2012
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A Russian handsome boy, who smokes but in the end always comes back. He enjoys sex even though he doesn't get much, but he lives happily listening to his favourite band, Nirvana. He also likes big black pants and he's keen on making fun of everyone. Everyone enjoys listening to his deep pronunciation of the letter ''R''.
Stepan is crazy.
Look at that person trying to be Stepan.
I wish I was more like Stepan.
Stepan, marry me!
by toduardo August 10, 2012
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A Stepan is a unique boy. He loves football, hanging out with his friends while drinking beer and loves to play tennis. He has the Hulk-kind of body only not green, the greatest hug in the world and the most beautiful toes and hands. He is hard working and spends lots of time in the gym. Also he's a great runner with the best taste of music (except for The Subways). He's caring and loving. Stepans usually love Lilis. They fit together perfectly as two pieces of puzzle. They are like penguins. Once Stepan finds his Lili, he can't let go and the other way around. When Stepans cuddle with Lilis, it's like the time stops and the only thing that exists is that moment. If you have one of Stepans, just hug them tight and don't let go. Life's magical with them.
"Do you know that Stepan?"
"No but I heard he's super awesome fabulous dude."
by unicorn1010 November 10, 2013
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Stepan : I want pussy
Drake : You were offered some already but you said no, why?
Stepan : Oh yeah, i forgot i need to work on my studies

Drapan: LOL.
by Lil Based August 09, 2011
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