Step sister is always stuck in the Washing mashine at the right time to get rid of yout Boner.
Step-Sister: Hey im Stuck help me step Bro.
Step-Brother: You know the rules and so do i.
sis are parents are home we should stop

you ok meet me inside the shower

sis ok see you there
you hey step sister our parents aren’t home yet let’s fuck in the shower

sis ok sounds fun
by Taboo topics February 1, 2018
The person who is always complaining about how you took her room when you moved in
my step sister hasn't stopped glaring at me since i moved in
by LunaJade April 3, 2015

(noun)A young man who is boinkin’ his stepsister.

(verb) to pound your stepsister into the mattress.

(verb) to fill every orifice of a stepsister at every available occasion.
Damn, man, you seen Tony? He's lost over 50 pounds on his new step-sister-sticker diet.

“Dude, I’m beat. I pulled off a 4 hour stepsister-sticker with Jasmin last night.”

“Man, I’d like to ask her out, but that big bastard over there is her stepsister-sticker.
by boppa23 May 26, 2011
The step sister of your step brother or step sister.
KAREN: This is my side-step-sister, Sherry.

JANE: Side-step-sister?

KAREN: Yes, Sherry is my step sister's step sister.

SHERRY: Hi, Jane. Did you meet Alice?

JANE: Yes.

SHERRY: Well, Karen & I are not genesisters at all. But, Alice is the step sister of BOTH Karen AND I. That's how Karen and I met -- through Alice.

JANE: Okay. I get it. Neat!

by Karen Guiawer July 14, 2006