Your new sibling after your mom/dad remarry and have a child or bring a new child into their family
Alex: My dumbass dads getting married next weekend and then I’ll have a new step sibling and dude she fuckin hot as hell and she’s got some great biscuits and tits

Riley: damn dude ... can I date her then?
by Pussyfucker2020 July 1, 2019
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Step-siblings week is the first week in January. This week, step-siblings (step-brother and step-sister) must be lovers for a week. they have to do what they would have done if it was a real boyfriend / girlfriend
Me: Step sis?

She: yes?

Me: you know it’s the first week in january right?

She: yes? what about that?

Me: It’s ‘’Step-siblings week’’

She: what is that?

Me: we need to be lovers this week, and we need to do what we would do if we was real lovers.

She: oh! well, come to my room then.

30 minutes later:

She: aahhhh, aaahhhh, oh yes! i feel it so deep!
by Stepsiblings6969 December 7, 2020
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When you and a buddy wank off to the same person. Derived from Eskimo siblings.
Brian and I are Eskimo step-siblings through Michael from HR
by Justclowntingz May 14, 2020
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