Mistress; Not the wife; adultress; that bitch
I my wife and stepwife met recently and it was not good.
That's guy's stepwife is hot!
by MT Man October 12, 2007
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A second wifes husband's Ex-Wife.Especially when the step mother is raising the children as the full-time step mother.
The boilogical mother is the step-mother's "step wife".
I am his second wife. You didn't know I had a step-wife? Yeah, she gave us two beautiful little boys.
by sunshinelollipopgeiger December 11, 2007
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A woman who a divorced man marries, strictly for the purpose to raise his kids, and not to breed anymore.
This woman is sometimes a douchebag
Terri: Did you hear about Greg?
Pete: yeah, he married Cathy, right?
Terri: Yeah, but only as a stepwife, he needed help raising his kids.
by Vincent Cochise September 06, 2007
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