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The sweetest smelling of all farts. Stronger than an oiler but not as offensive as a yoker.
After a hearty lunch of cheeseburgers and milk shakes, Tommy kept busting steaker farts all afternoon.
by blutarsky January 03, 2008
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Northern Ireland (esp. Belfast) slang for a black eye. Derived from the practice of putting a raw steak on a black eye to aid healing.
Billy: "Here what about that scrap at the bottom of the Shankill the other day eh?"
Ivan: "wha? nah mate i didn't see it, what happened?"
Billy: "Wee Jamie from down the road offered Andy a fair dig, and before you could count to three, Andy had knocked his fuck in"
Ivan: "fuck, really?"
Billy: "Aye mate, that was a bit stupid of him so it was. Ya wanna seen the steaker on him next day like"
by grandaddy freeman May 18, 2017
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