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Considered a disease , this language is primarily typed out ( barely) and only literate to people who ate paint chips as a child. This Dialect was only recently discovered on Lothar and currently being studied on certain Forums.

Used in a Sentence: Trying to understand what Ste types is like trying to understand what Maxim says on TS
Ex 1)interesting how they position him first movie ive seen where he faces another way... something we could try perhaps i wanted to see what the mages did perhaps and im thinking that maybe mages cannot sheep him bec MT isnt in line of sight due to the broken pillar btw mages and MT i aint sure ( Ste Speech)

Ex 2)
people the entire time are talking in general chat... afk.. not paying attention... not knowing what to do or lack of quick action during diff situations aka aggro or sheeep or etc just as examples

about the colors we got... we wtfpwned the colors after a first couple tries of figuring it out... colors had nothing tod o with us landing nef almost everytime and then ahving the MT die everytime

colors dont effect our performance when nef lands and we had most of our team up but somehow MT died each time.... thats the issues why we didnt kill nef

about last night i heard tons of lag.... i couldnt log on at all till like 11pm bec of the server bullcrap... soo yea thats my 2cents (Ste Speech)

by Bdubz February 08, 2006
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