When a male holds a lighter in a statue of liberty pose while doing a lady from behind.
I flicked my Bic and held it high while exclaiming Encore Encore!
by Gabe Allen May 06, 2005
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When a man fists a women via means of an uppercut, and then lifts her above his head and puts his arm over his chest to support himself. This can be an alteration of the "Fruit Punch" but menstration is not essential.
While playing street fighter in their back garden, Jacob accidently Dragonpunched Chelsea in the crotch, resulting in a Statue of Liberty, normal children would just play doctors and nurses for this kind of action.
by Ipso May 20, 2007
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A statue of liberty is a sexual act in which a girl is sucking off one guy while being rammed from behind by another. While this is happening, the two guys are slapping hands over the top of the bitch.
Da'Rontell and LaTron libertized dat hoe.
by Tim Fiorito December 27, 2004
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