a Crazy Playstation 2 video game. in this game, shadow corporation overthrows America government and takes control of whole USA state, most people simply calls them "Corporation". this company is like combination of Disney and EA and much worst. they make everyone their slaves, turns off the rights of freedom and give a lot of people pain and suffering. however years later the underground group called "Freedom" starts riots in "Capitol City" and the Corporation declares State of Emergency. in this game you can litterally fucking blow up every Corporation shop, kill hundreds of Corporation cops, swat, military with many weapons in the game. is fun blowing everything in your way.
Person 1: Hey did you ever know "State of Emergency"?
Person 2: Oh yeah, I used to blow everything and kill so much Corporation cops.

"Smash the Corporation!" "Long live Freedom!!"
by GreenPigwithHelmet September 7, 2021
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A self-serving, artificial condition created if for no other reason than to satisfy unrealistic, unsupported, unmet campaign promises; based on equally imaginary 'facts' it stands as a true testament to an utter disregard for due process, a flagrant contempt for Constitutional law and perfectly defines presidential abuse-of-power.
Hey, no government shut-down 2.0!

Look out for the infantile State of Imaginary Emergency...
by YAWA February 15, 2019
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