Certain objects, characteristics, or actions that make up a particular type of person.
The "How to get rich with no talent" starter pack: camera, porn service, be Kim K

The high school starter pack: early alarms, "what's the homework" texts, advil
by Whiteboy17 November 17, 2014
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A meme where you make a collage of photos that are meant to indicate what kind of person who likes those things are. What was harmless way of expressing frustration and pointing out stereotypes and cliches has now devolved into setting out and actively insult anyone who likes things that you may not personally like, for example, collecting images of movies, items of clothing, slangs, and accesories and writing "Faggot Loser Gaylord" on the top.
Richard: Hey look, I made an epic XD Starter Pack meme on how only losers enjoy these type of things!

Bob: There are about 675 different pictures here and frankly, that's how many punches I'm going to give your overgeneralizing ass.
by justfedup May 26, 2017
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Someone who is mentally basic (aka blonde) or new to a group
1)Have you seen Sandy, she's such a starter pack

2)Listen if your gonna hang out with us you're gonna be the starter pack
by Mc_105 September 24, 2013
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A new sensation to hit social media feed (such as Twitter and Instagram ). Looked at by a bunch of teenagers all day and made by them too. Some starter packs are "the freshman hoe starter pack" and "the black guy who only dates white girls starter pack" very popular hashtag on Instagram.
"Hey what's up".

"Nothing just looking at starter packs on Instagram"
by secret-spy November 24, 2014
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Someone who is your tool, your sex drive that's the only reason you are with him/her
Damn she's just my starter pack every Friday night.
by Johnny1013 November 19, 2016
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A person who wears khaki pants or shorts, white v-neck tee, and a gray hoodie with the sleeves pulled up to the forearms.
Damn, you lookin like a Luke starter pack.
by College27 September 26, 2019
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Tends to wear airpods because they feel they are too cool to have regular earbuds. Even though airpods break within 10 uses. They smoke a lot of pot and can tend to be fratish. Wears Nike or Vans. Never anything else. Cringey and usually think they get a free N-word pass. Have horrible taste in music. Owns at least one thrasher or supreme shirt
basic kid starter pack

Basic boy : bruh let's go to the Vans store. No wait let's go to Nike.

Basic girl: bro look at my new airpods, got it from my kush money.
by The handle not being used September 2, 2019
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