Boogers in your nose.
Before meeting Matt for their date, Melissa asked Kelly "Do I have anything in my nose?"
Just then, Matt walked up. Kelly wanted to reply to Melissa but didn't want to embarrass her. She replied to Melissa, "Nope, there are no stars in the sky tonight"
by MelKel July 29, 2008
"Not the brightest star in the sky" means there not the smartest person.
Let's say you where in a class room and you failed a test, sombody might say well "there not the brightest star in the sky"
Did you hear that Kim failed her exams?
Well she's not the brightest star in the sky if I'm being honest.
by Xo_Xo_Xo December 30, 2020
Man fuck the saying "theres more fish in the sea" nobody want these ugly ass staking ass fish.
Man theres more stars in the sky
by Jerimiha July 4, 2019