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Stalkblocking: to block an online social network stalker. The term created by BC is the latest Facebook trend.

It is a word best used to block the worst of the worst online, relentless stalkers that just can't take no for an answer.

Someone who is eventually "Stalkblocked" has a history of sending multiple messages, inappropriate posts to walls, message threads and continues despite numerous warnings.
by DaisyDawg February 18, 2010
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when your friends try to keep you from stalking exes or hook-ups on facebook or other social media sites
hint: rhymes with "cock-blocking"
"I just want to see if he's dating another girl. Look, his profile picture is with this other girl... she's SO not pretty..."
"Girl, stop cyber-stalking him. It's not a good look."
"Stop stalk-blocking me!"
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
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