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A term widely used in the corporate environment usually by management or workers aspiring to be managers without any intelligence or sense of how stupid they sound.

Stakeholders is a term that usually accompanies other corporate buzz words such as "bandwidth', "paradigm", and "circle back". You generally will not hear words like "stakeholder" in social situations outside of work, yet for some reason, people feel compelled to use them at work just to increase their level of annoyance and stupidity.
Boss: Fred, when you get some bandwidth this morning, lets circle back and address the stakeholders of this project.

Fred: Shut the fuck up and quit acting like an idiot.

Boss: We must address the paradigm of your work ethic.
by Mr Hi October 03, 2011
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Term used by an unelected government authority to describe Wall Street investment banks, and community members that are invested in the outcome of a public works project by the mere virtue of their privileged sociological status.

NOTE: The term stakeholders is NEVER inclusive of the poor people most-impacted by the decisions of the specific unelected authority, and are most always subject to bear the heaviest burden of said decisions in the form of tolls, taxes, if not death.
Dude, whoa. The Clinton years are over. You can't reference 'community members' in that mission statement. It's stakeholders' now.

The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority wants their project to create a tremendous amount of opportunities for all their stakeholders.
by curtster December 25, 2010
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