a girl from a small connecticut town, shes the most down to earth and caring girl ive ever met. a true country girl through and through, defiantly wife material. i cant believe i didn't see it back in high school
guy 1: whos that
guy 2: thats stacey, i should have been with her in highschool but i didnt aprroach her
by 6597-567665464575 May 28, 2017
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Stacey is the epitome of a mingah.
A Stacey can often be found wondering the headlands of the Northern Beaches with the magical ladybug and her fellow smelly passenger that loves her like a fat kid loves cake. None the less she is simply beautiful inside and out. ♥
Unfortunately for the Stacey she collected this passenger at a rough point in time with a rather interesting introduction but now she's stuck with her. This little cling-on loves her dearly though and would do almost anything for her ♥
Sadly, some Stacey's don't quite realise how amazing they are and this leads to some upsetting moments. The cling-on will always reminds her of her importance and amazingfullness despite how much she thinks the Stacey will actually take it in..
Overall a Stacey is an amazing and absolutely beautiful person that this cling-on is so glad to have found and couldn't go without anymore (: ♥
by Tealeaf ♥ November 25, 2013
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An attractive foid, that can get males to buy her food just by flirting with them. The opposite of a Becky.
Stacey has been with half the guys on the baseball team.
by Onehappytoker May 05, 2021
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Stacey is an intelligent girl that loves to paint. She's very kind but she can be a little bit clumsy. She is beautiful and everyone loves her.
by Kitty Choco Delight January 24, 2019
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The origin of this name is unearthly.
She is perhaps of Angelic descent.

This gives her unhuman like qualities of being overly kind, far too generous, sweet. She has an over abundance of kindness and higher level positive frequency vibes.
Being in her presence resigns you to feeling utterly safe, she is a mumma hen; regardless of age. Her warmth and wisdom leaves you in a state of being disarmed and secure.

Her laughter tinkles in the air like delicate rainfall and her humour expands all possible levels.

There are no known faults with Stacey other than being in such high demand, she can't see ALL her friends often enough.

There is no higher honour then her friendship.
Oh you are such a Stacey....

THANK YOU... wow you must really like me to say that!
by AllyyyBear March 12, 2021
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A country girl at heart that loves music and is good at her school work. She is quiet and hardly ever shows her feelings. She picks her friends wisely, and only has a few she really trusts.
She never talks, she reminds me of a stacey
by Anonymous790 May 15, 2013
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a beautiful redhead. plays video games. down to earth personality with a laid back attitude. loves to help people. overall she is the perfect woman.
Person A: wow she is beautiful, and is she really playing video games in the arcade?

Person B: your right and she is!!

Person A: she must be a Stacey!
by ima.gaylord February 06, 2010
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