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The day of England's patron saint, St. George. Celebrated in England on April 23, which, by a strange coincidence, is also the approximate birthday of William Shakespeare (and the day he died as well).

Festivities in England include wearing the English flag (which is called the St. George's cross) or anything red or white and singing the hymn 'Jerusalem'.

It also happens to be the day that the Queen announces new appointments to the Order of the Garter.

As St. George is also the patron saint of the Scouting Movement, Scout troops join in a parade on this day.

Unfortunatly, it is not celebrated as much as Christmas and such.

St. George was not actually English, but Turkish, and is also the Saint of many other countries and cities, but is probably most famous for being the patron saint of England.
Jim was wearing nothing but an English Flag and singing 'Jerusalem' at the top of his voice stumbling home last night from the pub. Well, that's what you get for downing 6 pints of bitter on St. Georges Day.
by Nelpas October 17, 2008
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Only the best day of the year.
Except maybe christmas.
But it's darmn close.
'Dude, it's 23rd April. You know what that means.'
'OHDEEAR. You best know what today is.'
'Na man, tell me.'
'Allow yourself. It's St Georges Day man. Oi I'm not even joking, that's bad you don't know. I'm English through and through.'
'Naa man, I did know... Course I did.'
'Whatev, you're just waste.'
by Spillee April 22, 2008
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A celebration of white people that should be celbrated throught ENGLAND!!!!!!
Sun headline: St Georges day today!

Sun headline: Black gang kills a group of white teens
by gurludontknow May 01, 2010
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