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Located in the eliete Brooklyn Heights, NY. "The Small College of Big Dreams." No one's ever heard of SFC. Also known as the small college of big tuition. Affordable? My ass. It's the size of a high school and most people call it 13th grade. The only Division 1 sports team that is actually good here is Water Polo. It consists of a couple of national fraternities and a few local sororities. Only 200 people if that out of the actual 3,000 people that attend here dorm and the dorm is shared with other colleges, such as Pace University. Basically, don't apply here unless you don't want a real college experience.
St. Francis College is the only college that accepted me. I might as well just go to community college for 2 years to get my grades up and apply to a real college after that.
by Jaymie Spellman December 24, 2011
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