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An all-boys Roman Catholic preparatory high school in Columbus, Ohio. It's a hell hole where you are a slave to your grades and college preparation, working about 4 hours every night on homework after an 8 hour school day. Students frequently slap each others asses and nonchalantly talk about sucking each others dicks. Teachers are high quality but can make your life even more of a living hell if aggravated. If you want to throw away the remainder of your childhood but ensure yourself a place in the work place, Saint Charles is the school for you.
Person 1: "Don't you go to St. Charles Preparatory School?"
Person 2: "Yeah?"
Person 1: "Don't you care about girls?"
Person 2: "Don't you care about college?"
by scfag January 01, 2016
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A Catholic, all boys, high school, located in Bexley, Ohio. Essentially, a hell-hole, full of students who are rich snobs or jerks who do not accept outsiders and often create a large amount of mischief. Very intolerant and bigoted. There is a large gay community attending the school, but these students are forced to live in secret due to the fact they would be harassed and made fun of until they drop out. Nevertheless, between classes students often pat each other on the ass or embrace. To top it all off, the principal is an ignorant asshole, who is oblivious to everything going on around him.
St. Charles Preparatory School was the worst experience of my life; my ex boyfriend still goes there, I feel sorry for him.
by xenu009 April 18, 2009
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An all-boys private high school bordering Bexley in Columbus, Ohio. It's widely known as "The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education" as it offers a rigorous schedule of courses to prepare students for college. Often outsiders refer to it as the gay school, or the school that sucks at sports but most of the time they are jealous because they are employed by graduates. Recently, St. Charles has been known as OGT Champions since the test's existence and in 2008 the school won a division I state swimming title. The main emphasis of SC is being your brother's keeper and "Facta non Verba"
"We have a tournament at St. Charles Preparatory School."
by Mitchell Muse March 11, 2009
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