Pure at heart, very precious. Beautiful inside out. Loved by all. True friend. Terrific lover.
She is a nice girl, so Srinidhi like.
by JackTheSparrow March 10, 2013
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A total bitch. They will talk about you behind your back and spread rumors. Nobody likes them much. Will say/act anyway to be liked (but it doesn't work). Most egocentric person in the world. Total poser. Don't waste your time being friends with them it's not worth it.
Girl 1: Did you here? That girl over there is like bad-mouthing her friends.
Girl 2: OMG yeah! She's so dumb those are like her only friends, when they find out they are gonna be pissed!
Girl 1: That's so true, why would she do that no ones going to want to be her friend now.
Girl 3: I don't think she cares, she still thinks that everyone likes her. She is such a Srinidhi. Ugh!
by Forgetit101 June 16, 2013
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