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A total badass . And she's really hot. Sreeja is a really smart person, who is confident and loves people. She is really perceptive and has a lot of friends, and lots of guys like her. Sreeja is a determined person who will achieve any goal she sets. Be careful though, she can also roast the fuck out of you at any given moment. She's still a caring person at heart though. She also has a suprisingly good style that is unique but works just right on her. We love Sreeja!
"DANGGGG look at Sreeja over there killin it!
by rushingwaterfall March 24, 2019
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1. A very alluring young lady who although might appear meek on the outside has an unsatiable appetite for all things kinky and deviant!

2. A girl who makes you wanna juss SCREAM! (w/ pleasure)
"Damn, that check out that Sreeja!"

"She makes me wanna, she makes me wanna,... oh, sreeja!"
by checkered March 21, 2009
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