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A firefighter or EMT that goes to other fire department or squad's calls, either to their building or to their scene to watch and\or help out the other department. Often also referred to as a whacker.
State Trooper: Who's that guy that's just standing over there watching everything?
Fire Chief: Oh he's okay, he's harmless. That's our Squirrel Boy, he belongs to Station 46 but he comes to our calls a lot.
by Jay Dog February 02, 2010
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A white suburbanite basic bro who is in to whatever else their white suburbanite basic bro friends are in to. Typically BMX Bikes, Skateboarding and the like. Generally intimidated by intelligence which contradicts and surmounts their own.

Devoid of philosophical knowledge and tend to resort to group ostracism rather than poignant discussion when confronted about how ignorant they are. Often making jokes about, or calling others gay/fag. Usually skinny wearing volcom t-shirts and flat brimmed caps, especially common among those who do not participate in any extreme sports. Blue collar, male version of a basic bitch. May also be seen wearing Tapout gear.
Those squirrel boys think they are so punk listening to Blink 182, their moms even bought them the cd they must be legit.

Rob Dydrek is a prime example of what a Squirrel Boy strives to be.
by MJSuper July 07, 2015
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