The act of pulling ones scrotum up towards your navel and in so doing covering your balls and cock. In performing this act you have made a blanket or quilt from your scrotum skin.

The joy of a squilt is not only the warmth felt by your cock and balls but this act allows for a fun game of hide and seek with your partner.

Another bonus is the joy felt from her/him performing a hummer to your squilt. And allowing easy access to the taint and a possible tossed salad.
Gee my cock and balls are cold tonight honey.

Why don't you make a squilt for it dear?

That's a brilliant idea honey.
by frosty_71 March 24, 2011
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The blanket, or quilt, that you must place on the bed before fucking your gusher girlfriend.
"OH Shit, I forgot to put the squilt down and now there's pussy juice on the sheets!"

Darin hasn't washed the squilt and it's starting to stink.
by Munge Master February 12, 2010
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