A combination of squirm and scream usually during sex
The sex was so intense I couldn't do anything but squeem
by Aboc January 24, 2015
!. To scream on a girl with your male juices.

2. To blow a strong load

3. Blow ropes
I hadn't unloaded in like a week! I squeemed all over her face and the headboard.
by NSeattle August 22, 2008
When a Scottish man loses his mind and screams at only a decibel a dog could hear
Jason was so mad at the production crew he started squeeming until people did their jobs
by Slank13 February 28, 2018
(Verb)In the ruburbs of Mayfield: To have one's dog urinate on enemy territory.
"That ho stole my man. Let's go squeem her lawn."
by A.B. June 1, 2005
When you sent your dog to poop in enemy territory that is called "squeem poop".
I put your squeem poop in my mouth.
by JimmyJoeb September 9, 2007