G code slang for giving a hug so niggas on these skreets don’t think you soft/nice.
Yo dawg, sad nigga hours have me lately.

Stfu and square up nigga!
by Sad Boi George November 4, 2019
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To want to fight a bitch ass pussy ass pedophile with the pure intent to destroy the spawns of satan
You know that nigga Bryan Singer, I'm going to fucking curb stomp that pussy ass fuckface retard if I ever meet him. Square up little nigga.
by Hamburger harold October 21, 2021
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The act of sexually positioning one’s self behind a female or male, with the intent of inserting either said person’s penis or strap on dildo into the receiving party’s guts.
Jason said he just wanted to watch me bang his girlfriend, but he kept creeping up behind me trying to square up on that ass.
by Nroge1328 June 20, 2022
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