Not being able to pick up chicks.
John : I can too pick up chicks.
Josh : But you have Square Wheels.
by JoshuaToad April 17, 2010
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When someone cannot wheel somebody, when there wheels are going nowhere, or only last for minimal amounts of time.Basically a bad attempt at being a player.
Did you see george last night? Kid's never going ot get any with those square wheels
by SteveRainey October 18, 2009
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whom who cannot wheel a broad.
Check out that duster, hes ridding on square wheels!
by mdsabdjabsd43 September 11, 2008
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"Dude why can't I get a girl?"

"You've got square wheels bud"
by Izzyyyyyyyyy June 10, 2017
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When the act of picking up a girl where it is not working, because of either bad looks or shes not going for you.
Wow man that broad is so ugly, its such a square wheel
by Luis Suarez November 21, 2008
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